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Global and China EV Batteries and Materials: Technology, Trends, & Market Forecasts


Date of Publication: July 2024

With more automakers aiming to market cheaper, longer-range plug-in cars, demand for lithium-ion automotive batteries rose sharply in 2017. Unfortunately, high costs of lithium-ion battery cells have been one of the main hindrances to large-scale electric-car adoption, as they typically lead to higher purchase prices for electric cars than comparable internal-combustion models. Because of improved chemistry, manufacturing processes and economies of scale, average electric-car battery costs continue to decline. Markets are forecast for each of the types of batteries and materials, as well as for end applications – Electric Vehicles. Market shares by supplier for each sector – cathode, anode, separator, and electrolytes are presented.

Global and China EV Batteries & Materials: Technology, Trends & Market Forecasts

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