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Custom Projects & ConsultATION

THE INFORMATION NETWORK's custom consulting service is designed so that you, the decision maker, strategic planner, or marketing executive, can obtain reliable market research tailored specifically to your own needs


A custom report from THE INFORMATION NETWORK focuses on developing solutions to your special business challenges. Please call or write to discuss your research requirements with us. Include your objectives, budget, and time frame so that we can promptly deliver a proposal

Contract research covering standard market analysis includes all the basic marketing parameters needed by the marketing or planning departments focusing on : 

Market Size 

Market Forecast 

Historical Market Size 

Market Share By Competitors 

Competitive Profiles 

Key Technology and Market Trends 

Market Breakdown By 

Product Type 

Equipment Categories 


Customer Groups 



Optional information can cover such areas as :

Price Analysis 

Key Customer Analysis 

Government Regulations 

Industry Structure Analysis 

Standard market analysis custom studies can be used for : 

Business Planning 

Capital Budgeting 

Venture Capital Proposals 

Leveraged Buyouts 

Strategic Planning 



Due Diligence Studies 


THE INFORMATION NETWORK adheres to a policy of Just In Time Publishing. All reports are constantly updated at the time of purchase. Any newsworthy information on vendors, products, or markets is incorporated into the master copy on a continuing basis throughout the lifetime of the report

~Return Policy~

Due to the easily transferable nature of the value of information products, we maintain a strict "no return" policy. Also, the Table of Contents of all our reports are designed to give the viewer a complete picture of the contents of the report based on extensive descriptions of chapters and subchapters, and list of tables and figures

Understanding that in some cases a return is unavoidable, we will seek to work together with you should you need to expedite a return. Each such request will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and we reserve the right to refuse any return in the cases when :

The product has been opened 

The product has been delivered electronically 

In all such cases, timely handling of the return of the product itself will help expedite approval of your request

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